The most powerful way for CEOs and their leadership teams to grow is through direct experience. We offer deeper cultivation of the ‘TRUE Power’ leadership style through seminars, workshops, and retreats. Are you and your team ready to explore what it means to build and sustain your leadership edge?

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Are you ready to talk about the taboo topic of POWER? As a leader, you need to be clear on what power is -- beyond your positional power. What does power mean to you? How do you want to wield your power? 

Humanity is currently going through an immense shake-up and significant transformation. Here’s the truth: Our old world is outgrowing itself, and evolution is forcing us to wake up! As leaders, it is time to do some outer and inner upgrades -- including to our personal and collective relationships to power.


No doubt, stress and overwhelm are not foreign to you -- getting hot-headed from too much thinking, twirling around in anxiety and negative emotions, or creating conflict and trouble by acting in haste without thinking things through. What about your decision-making? Do inner turmoil and lack of clarity stand in your way? Or are your relationships challenged due to too much confusing communication styles?

Discover the power of the 3-Brain Reaction Styles that determine how you process information and communicate to yourself and others. Learn how to respond in your professional and personal life from presence and calm versus destructive unconscious behavior. Explore your own Reaction Style -- your primary comfort-zone, your trap when under stress, and your Balancer that gets you back to center and clarity.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered one of the most critical and too often undervalued skills in modern-day leadership. It embodies skills that enable you to manage your own emotions and to handle interactions with others harmoniously. It empowers basic communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution, decision-making, relationship-management, collaboration, and social interactions, as well as the ability to inspire others. It expands your ability to use more of the inner intelligences available for positive human interactions, both personally and organizationally.


Explore how the 7 Universal Fear Patterns show up in your own life and the lives of others. Discover the life-changing benefits of transforming these obstacles into TRUE Power by first naming them, then taking on taming them, and eventually erasing them. Walk away with simple how-to tips and practices to kick-start your own journey and share with your clients and co-workers. They will all thank you for it.


Facing change in your career or in your life? Learn how to break out of your status quo, ground yourself in new circumstances, and unleash your TRUE Power, enthusiasm, and creativity as you embark on the next chapter in your life. In the process, you will activate your growth-mindset, redefine what success means to you, and create the NEW VISION to express your more purpose-driven and meaningful work and life -- right now.


Where has all the fun gone? Are you experiencing burnout and disconnection from what gives you excitement and meaning in your job or as an entrepreneur? Has the passion you once felt, vanished as you have become a slave to the work or business that was supposed to be your key to freedom and success? Discover how upgrading your entrepreneur’s “Success-Mindset” to the 21st century way of thinking and being can change your life and change your business to a sustainable and thriving success

the new vision: Moving beyond change

Participants experience

“The Entrepreneur’s Success Mindset” event led by Rúna is definitely worth attending for entrepreneurs looking to create a life and business that they love. Rúna shares introspective exercises and quick and easy practices to help you have a mindset of creative collaboration. As a leader, she’s authentic and inspiring. Because she practices what she preaches, you will definitely walk away with the tools you are looking for no matter where you are on your journey.” ​Alexandra Moeser, Co-­Founder & CEO, WOMP, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“Rúna Bouius is clearly of a higher awareness in the development of Conscious Leaders and organizations of all kinds. I experienced her effectiveness while leading a retreat for the leaders of a forum for conscious business. Her qualities of great integrity, openness, trust, listening, creativity, passion, and positive energy serve her clients so well. I am grateful to be associated with Runa.”​ ​Tom Zender, Author, Business Mentor, Arizona, USA

“I attended Rúna Bouius’ workshop on Master Mediator’s Inner Practice for Outer Success at the Southern California Mediation Association conference in 2014. This session served as a breath of fresh air because it focused on important, yet often overlooked, practical tips for improving the mediator’s mind and body, to maximize execution of external skills during mediations. Ms. Bouius exudes confidence and charm while maintaining a hard­working, yet calm demeanor. I found her session inspiring and unique.”​ ​Elizabeth Quinn, Esq​., ​Los Angeles, CA, USA

"I attended one of Rúna's presentations called "Evolve Your Relationship to Power —  TRUE Power", held in Culver City, California. It was a truly inspiring experience for me. During the presentation, Rúna challenged all of us to self reflect on our own relationship with "power." I left the presentation feeling awaken and motivated. Most importantly, because of this uplifting experience, I was able to learn new things about myself and redirect my energy into the right places." — Viktoriya Mincheva, Founder, Green Activities, LLC, Los Angeles, California, USA 

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“Rúna is an outstanding leader and trainer with a fun and clear communication style. She exudes real passion for her areas of expertise and true warmth for the people she is working with. I highly recommend her.”​ ​

— Laura Deanovic, Interim Head of School, Desert Academy, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

“Rúna understands business and has a deep grounding in interpersonal and transcendent facilitation. She leads groups in an organized, focused, and deep fashion. It is a joy working with her.”​ ​ ​Paul David Walker, Leadership Advisor, CA, USA

“Rúna helped me understand some of the personal and professional blockages in front of me and gave me both the tools and techniques to surmount them. Her workshop was well structured and her presence dynamic. A truly balanced and inspirational trainer.”​ ​—  Kristen Davis, International Herald Tribune, Paris, France

“Rúna is extremely engaging, thoughtful, and funny. Her approach made me comfortable and at ease with sharing my fears.” ​Bret Jonas, VP, LRW, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“I appreciated the trainer's sincerity, clarity, and humor. Rúna has an entertaining communication style.”​ ​—Steinunn Þórhallsdóttir, Department of Continuous Education, University of Iceland, Reykavík, Iceland

“Rúna's extensive knowledge and grounding in Conscious Capitalism and her long history of engagement in the animation of Feminine Leadership energy uniquely qualify her to facilitate developmental initiatives at both the individual and corporate levels. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together." ​Bernie Nagle, Author & Principal, Altrupreneur, Ohio, USA