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Establishing a relationship with the right leadership guide can be one of the smartest investments you as a CEO or senior executive can make... Expand your perspectives, harness your "TRUE Power" and your unlimited capacity to learn, grow, and succeed as the exceptional leader who is needed for the unprecedented and complex times we live in — the Conscious Leader. You don’t have to walk it alone!


I believe the world is experiencing the most extensive evolutionary transformation it has ever seen. We are being asked to examine how we gain, hold, use, and abuse power as leaders, individuals, and collectively. We are moving away from “Power over” as our only method to “Power with/to.” My contribution to the world — my higher purpose — is to help leaders evolve and awaken to their TRUE Power, and my mission is to evolve humanity’s relationship to power.


I challenge the status quo, guide leaders to activate their growth mindset, step into their full potential, and strengthen their flexibility and resilience to change. I inspire and empower leaders and their organizations to adapt to the more humanistic quadruple bottom line and use their TRUE Power to create a world that is environmentally, socially, and economically abundant and regenerative for the well-being of all.


I am hired by purpose-driven CEOs, bold entrepreneurs, visionary board members, and progressive investors to inspire, mentor, coach, guide, facilitate, and consult on “TRUE Power” leadership. I am passionate about speaking and writing and sharing my message with global leaders and influential people across the world, those who are interested in creating a new and brighter future through creativity, innovation, collaboration, and the wisdom of the collective.


“Rúna ́s skilled influence on improving leadership and organizational outcomes is clear and recognizable. With a conscious and collaborative style, she helps others truly produce work that works.” — Tom Fanning, Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer, Boomzaa, Castle Rock, CO, USA

“Through her coaching, Rúna Bouius gave me the single most powerful statement that has significantly changed my leadership style. This was like delivering medicine to the center of the disease. I can't help but think this was a result highly insightful and intuitive coaching.” — Darwin Richardson, Vice President Quality, Genzyme, Boston, USA 

“Rúna provided outstanding personal and career coaching to me during a particularly turbulent time in my life/career. Reflecting back it is clear to see how defining that time with her was in helping me along the path to reinventing myself and pursuing my true life's purpose.”— Clay Boykin, Author, Speaker, Coach, Circles of Men, Austin, Texas, USA


"Rúna is both brilliant and insightful, bringing her many years as a successful business leader and her intuitive wisdom to any business challenge. She takes her work seriously, bringing great value to her coaching and consulting, all while she is supportive and without ego. A rare and remarkable talent in the business world!"— Leslie Clarke, Ph.D., Executive Director, United Homeless Healthcare Partners, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"If you are seeking to improve your personal and business performance, and enhance your potential and leadership skills, I recommend Rúna highly.  I have an MBA -- I learned more from Rúna.” — Mary Farmer, Director, Glion Online Programs, Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland 

"Rúna is an age-old, wise soul who sees into the nature of things – and of you.  She lives conscious leadership. It comes from inside her in the way she conducts her own life, and in the way she brings practical conscious leadership wisdom to her clients and relationships. Her ability to connect people and bring them together to evolve them is extraordinarily catalytic. She is a bright light in the world of evolving leaders and evolving humanity." — Gina Hayden, Author and co-founder of The Global Center for Conscious Leadership

 “Rúna is a brilliant entrepreneur who has founded and run successful, innovative companies in Europe and the USA. She clearly and impressively displays the leadership skills she trains others in. One of her most unique and important qualities is to combine the power and drive associated with traditional "male" leadership with more "feminine" abilities of empathy, intuition and compassion. It is clear to me that this style of leadership is what is needed and what will work best in our changing workplace and society.” — Liz Puttick, Director at Puttick Agency, London, United Kingdom

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