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The times we live in are like a roller coaster, as the world and humanity are undergoing radical changes. To stay relevant leaders need to evolve beyond their traditional MBA training and continue to learn and grow and add to their leadership toolbox. Getting advice and guidance solely from external sources is limiting and leaders now need to cultivate and integrate their internal leadership with the outer, and tap into deeper connection, presence, and wisdom. 

The leaders of the new era need to inspire, engage, and empower as they open people’s hearts and minds, one person at a time. They need to leverage their position, leadership, and influence and the power of their business and community to BE the force for social good the world needs today.

Navigating these changes and assisting leaders and their people to awaken to and embody their TRUE Power is what I do. As a bold and conscious leader and inspirational speaker, I will engage, inspire, and entertain your audiences at your events and guide them to lead and live from their TRUE Power. To book a keynote speech or panel participation at your conference, workshop, or group retreat for your organization or association or to apply to work with me personally...

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the new vision: moving beyond change with true power


“When I attended a women-focused business seminar co-lead by Rúna Bouius. I was half expecting a very touchy-feeling presentation about women empowerment but hoped for much more. To my delight, Rna did not disappoint. She took the stage, and was as equally supportive and encouraging, as she was direct and no nonsense. I appreciated her down-to-earth leadership style, and look forward to hearing more of her sage advice at future events.”  — Stella McShera, Founder & CEO Equallet, Santa Monica, CA, USA

“At a recent ‘Leadership Masterclass’ organized by PWC in Aruba, Rúna was the keynote speaker and moderator. The EQ program she designed and set forth was of great interest. I believe it to have excellent value and relevance to today’s leadership, and I would definitely endorse any modern organization (or aspiring to be modern!) to engage in this program. Rna made sure her audience was on the tip of their chairs, wanting more and willing to participate in all activity!”   Patrick Melchoirs, Destination Service Manager at Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba

 "Rna is an 'insights curator' and a gifted facilitator. She seamlessly integrates and shares contemporary and classical perspectives in a light-hearted manner, while creating an interactive audience experience that simultaneously sparks internal resonance; inspires individual and collective self-reflection regarding relationships with and to Power and poises listeners for inner work & action."  —  Annette Shaked, Leadership & Organizational Manager, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA

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“Rúna has facilitated two sessions for my LA’s Westside Association of Talent Development meetings. She is an amazing facilitator who designs her sessions in a way that encourages involvement through activities and by facilitating powerful discussion. She also presents interesting topics related to mindfulness that are thought-provoking while still providing practical techniques and strategies. Participants left highly energized and wanting to learn more. I highly recommend Rna as a speaker and facilitator.” 

— Rachel Karu, CEO, Stepping Into More & President ICFLA

“Rúna brings a remarkable blend of poise & quintessential professionalism along with an unflinching commitment to her work. When she stands in front of a room – she owns it. Her exceptional gift for facilitating raises the group’s level of awareness and centers them to focus on the deeper questions. The resulting insights are more meaningful, valuable, and rewarding for everyone present.” Beatrice Felix, Principal at Pivotal Mindset, CA, USA 

“Rúna is an engaging speaker that brings powerful and authentic energy from the moment she opens her mouth to speak. The audience is engaged and hooked right out of the gates. “I am power” and she is truly a powerful speaker! Thank you, Runa, for inspiring and educating us all.”

— Amber Gough, Founder of Talent Fusion Point & Conscious Capitalism San Diego Program Director

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